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Company News

EVERPOWER Has Passed ISO14001 Certification

Jan 2013,  EVERPOWER has passed ISO14001: 2004 environment management system certification and acquired the certificate, which means that the sense of environment protection of EVERPOWER is brought to a higher level and reveals the competitive advantage of EVERPOWER in environment.


Passing through ISO140012004 certification is a stage landmark of the development of EVERPOWER. We believe that insisting on and carrying out environment management system will play great role in improving the quality management pattern of the company, which will further eliminate the possible technical barriers when EVERPOWER carries out international trade, enhance the competitive advantage in environment of EVERPOWER products, reduce the energy consumption and pollution of the internal production and management of EVERPOWER.

Everpower offers a wide range of pole or pad mounted distribution transformers for single phase and three phase applications with many significant features and advantages.
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