Oil immersed Rectifier Transformer

Oil immersed Rectifier Transformer

3 Phase Oil-immersed Rectifier Transformer

3 Phase Oil-immersed rectifier Transformer

3 Phase Oil-immersed Rectifier Transformer

Product Details

3 Phase Oil-immersed rectifier Transformer

Product capacity and the voltage level:

Product capacity: 30~2500kVA

Voltage: 6kV, 10kV, 35kV

Product could design and manufacture according the technical parameters and relevant national standards for Customer requirement.


Reasonable structure design, advanced production stability, high quality material. Output voltage stability, Superior performance and reliable. The transformer secondary (valve side) except three-phase and three phase five column, it could design 6-phase and 12 phase to obtain small and stable pulse rectifier power.


Rectifier transformer is widely used in electrolysis, electrochemical, transmission, traction, electrostatic precipitator, DC transmission which need to provide a DC Power supply system.

Quality Guarantee: All 3 phase Oil-immersed rectifier Transformer have highest standard can match with the international market.

Customer First

Everpower offers Superior Quality, Reasonable Price, Professional Sevice. With strong technical and excellent R&D engineering team, we are available to provide the technical expertise to answer any of your technical question or to solve any product problem.

After Sales

We offers a full range of after Sales Services.

1.Tracing the quality of the products

2. Training Customer staff.

3. Periodical customer visit.

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