Three Phase Pole convention type wall-side CSP TYPE Three phase pole

IEC oil imersed three-phase-distribution-transformer



Three Phase Distribution Transformer

Three Phase Distribution Transformer

33kV Three Phase Distribution Transformer

IEC transformer, Pole Transformer, 33kv distribution transformer, Oil imersed transformer(transformateurs)

33kV Three Phase Distribution Transformer

Product Details

Three Phase Hermetically sealed oil filled Transformer (transformateurs)
Everpower offers a wide range of three phase overhead Distribution transformers distribution transformers along with other conventional types of transformers, with many significant features and advantages

Standard Features
• Hermetically sealed oil filled transformer
• Lifting Lugs with earthing terminals
• High and low voltage bushings in accordance with IEC 76 Standards.
• Rating and Diagram Plate

Options and accessories
• Oil level indicator for hermetically sealed transformers
• Thermometer pocket
• Off-circuit tap changer
• Pressure Relief Device / Explosion Vent
• Cable Terminations

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