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ANSI single phase transformer, pad mounted transformers



Pad Mounted Transformers

Pad Mounted Transformers

Single Phase Pad mounted transformer

single phase transformer, pad transformer, pad-mounted transformer, ANSI C57.12.25,ANSI C57.12.28, dead front transformer, live front transformer

Single Phase Pad mounted transformer

Product Details

Single Phase Pad-mounted Transformers
Single-phase pad-mounted transformers are designed for underground residential and commercial distribution systems where safety, reliability and aesthetics are especially important. With proper design selection, they can be located near or inside buildings for greater flexibility and savings.

Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Residential areas. Indoor Installations like Cellars, Malls, Complexes where safety is of prime concern.

Features and Benefits
• One or Two universal high voltage bushings wells
• Recessed locking assembly with pad lock provisions
• Removable Sill
• Externally clamped low voltage bushings with contact
• Best insulation and sealing systems.
• 18 months standard warranty
• After sales maintenance and spare parts service

Technical Specification

Ratings @65℃ Rise


Primary Voltage:2400-46,000V

Secondary Voltage:120-600V


50HZ or 60HZ

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